Amorphous Alloy 2.0







NOW! Festival Berlin


5. Mai 2017


Amorphous Alloy 0.2
anja weber – dance, electronics, e-guitar
jagna anderson – dance, voice
dodi helschinger – voice, poetry, e-guitar

Amorphous alloys are metallic materials with a glass-like structure and astonishing properties. Used as biomaterial for implantation into bones, metallic glass dissolves gradually in organisms and is replaced with bone tissue … We explore possible meeting points between (female) body and machine, melting electronics, poetry, vocals, body/movement and spacial structures into a performative amorphous alloy.

Text: “amorphe legierung” by Dodi Helschinger
with music by Mila Chiral
                                                                                                                                               Fotos: Susanne Soldan












April 23, 2017



Studio 2

Mariannenplatz 2





foto: Dodi Helschinger


performomat is a research machine producing instant performances in durational group setting.

performomat is testing new scores as well as new forms of collaboration and of meeting the audience.

involved are dance, music, sound, voice, visual arts, poetry.


concept/facilitation: anja weber

performance: janna anderson, annelie andre, maayan danoch, elena dragonetti, evan foster, dodi helschinger, sarah menger, maya raghavan, ingo reulecke, susanne soldan, karine thomas, anja weber



in this performomat we work with different shapes of echo e.g. delay.

we give in motifs of movement or poetry and heighten awareness of the motifs of the other performers. these motifs will be repeated in different delay time and varied in their inner dymamics also in excerpts of the original.
while working, on this we are constantly keeping the form of the piece in total in our attention and find a coherent structure of the whole.
out of these dynamic relations and connections evolves on another level a structure full of meaning.

free entrance - donations welcome!
please register at




performomat is a collaborative interdisciplinary instant performance machine, an ongoing open access research project, following a rhizomes logic of a group process

curated by janna anderson


concept/facilitation: billie hanne

performance: janna anderson, evan foster, billie hanne, sarah menger, maya raghavan, ingo reulecke, anja weber, elena dragonetti, coline quintin, anni lattunen, maria rutanen


the performers, through handling the physical reality of the body and its surroundings, make dances that allow for a natural complexity of different elements and poetry to occur / take place. they dal with anatomy, physics, dimension, matter and scale fusing into a space both real and imagined.
the composition here unfolds / arises from having each of these elements be housed by what is being made as a whole.

17:00-20:00 laboratory session 
20:00 - showing
free admission - donations welcome!


Billie Hanne is a dancer and a poet. She composes dance and poetry in instant choreographies, provocative poetics in the spur of the moment, in the realm of vision and instinct.

Through radical handling of poesy and dance she weaves nature’s sophistication into different textures, tales and geometrics that penetrate skill with grace and lyrical power with rhythm. She has been consistent in her work in this specific area.

In her practice she reimagines tradition and pushes the boundaries of the art form through blending and morphing myth and physical reality. Her pieces are spiritual architectures that layer dissonant forces. She brings her work to different venues from underground studios to established theatres, to galleries and industrial sites. She is currently on tour with her sixth solo piece Deep Brown Sea (2014-2016) which has been shown in London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Den Haag as well as in Greece as and Iceland. With her company Billie & Wheelgod she currently refines the latest piece ‘Melchior’ (2015-2016).
Since 2009 she has performed with Allen’s Line, the Julyen Hamilton Company. This includes the latest pieces ‘Goat Ocean’ (2014-2015) and ‘Mud Like Gold (2015-2016) which were shown in different places in Europe. 
She is a passionate teacher and able to transmit her wide experience effectively and with zest.

fotos: Dodi Helschinger

Slide & roll into improvisation - LBBS & beyond...

mit live-Musik von Annelie Andre



Am Freitag, den 24.2.17 von 12-13.30 Uhr

improvisieren und komponieren wir Tanz, Ton und Wort mit live-Musik von Annelie Andre. Dies ist vorerst die letzte Mittags-Stunde im Dock 11.


Wir ziehen um in die Tanzbasis, Eldenaer Straße 44 in B-Friedrichshain. Bitte mailt mir, wenn und wann Ihr dort auch wieder dabei sein wollt...

foto: Muyassar Kurdi

MACHINE//BODY Series, February 17th, doors at 20:00, show promptly at 20:30


Artist in residence, Muyassar Kurdi (NYC), curates this series which puts emphasis on sound and movement, space and architecture. It explores the co-existence of the two seemingly independent entities.


* Doron Sadja

* “amorphe legierung” trio by Jagna Anderson, Anja Weber, and Dodi Helschinger

* “Intersections and Variations” by Muyassar Kurdi


*Thanks for the support of Vorspiel 2017 (joint effort by transmediale and CTM)

I am happy to announce this upcoming performance by WAH

(Anja Weber - Jagna Anderson - Dodi Helschinger) in the frame of the body//machine series curated by Muyassar Kurdi during her residency at Liebig12 (thank you Muyassar for the invitation!). This is going to be an exciting evening with three acts by Doron Sadja, Muyassar Kurdi and our trio.

We are melting electronics, poetry, vocals, body/movement and spatial structures into a (performative) amorphous alloy. Amorphous alloys are metallic materials with a glass-like structure and astonishing properties, applicable for example as biomaterial for implantation into bones, which dissolves gradually in organisms and is replaced with bone tissue… a possible meeting point between body and machine. Come, come!


performomat 4// when gravity falls // 30.10.2016

concept/facilitation: Anna Weißenfels

performance: Jagna Anderson, Evan Foster, María Ferrara, Sarah Menger,
Anja Weber, Anna Weißenfels

fotos:  Christiane Schniebel


performomat 2// scent#2: where is my when


performomat is a research machine producing instant performances in durational group setting.
performomat is testing new scores as well as new forms of collaboration and of meeting the audience.
sessions are partially open to the audience

performance: anja weber, dodi helschinger, jagna anderson

the session explores body-mind states inspired by olfactory perception within the frame of a time-score. while playing with simultaneous or overlapping phrasing of sound, movement and stillness the performers examine the subtle reticulations of time and space, and question the possible role that the limbic and subcortical processing of sensory data may play in this process.

open for limited number of passive participants – if you are interested to witness the performance process, write us a short message –
– team (at) impro-per-arts.de

saturday, 13 august 2016
doors opens at 7pm
suggested donation 5€

photo above: jagna anderson

performomat 1// silence#1: scent


concept/facilitation/direction: jagna anderson
performance: anja weber, anna weißenfels, delphine robet, dodi helschinger, maria ferrara, maya raghavan, naima ferré

silence scores are exploring spaces created by minimalist interactions in durational setting. they require a high bodily intensity to perform at low volume level. every score is addressing some realms of somatic or sensory experience. "Scent" gives special attention to the olfactory system in order to inform performative actions.

open for limited number of passive participants – if you are interested to witness the performance process, write us a message –
– team@impro-per-arts.de

30 july 2016
doors opens at 8pm
entrance free, but we are happy about a donation
suggested donation 5€ or more





Monday July 18, 2016 10:30 am – 5 pm, EDEN Studios (incl.1h Lunch Break)

Melt?-swMELT – Improvisation Movement and Sound
The Melt Lab adresses professional dancers and musicians, who work interdisciplinary and are actively engaged in the collaborative possibilities of both art forms.
The Melt Practice Day/ Lab focuses on these interactive possibilities and aims to promote new collaborations and networking amongst artists of both disciplines.
Maximum number of participants: 10 dancers, 10 musicians
Participation: please send an application with a short CV or Weblink, along with a proposal for a score, task, or practice exercise to be explored with the group on the day of the Lab.
The proposed score or practice exercise should be adaptable for an open number of performers, between 4 and 20 and should be flexible in its duration (how long it takes to execute).
Depending on the size of the group, all or just some of the scores will be practiced.
Jenny Haack and Anja Weber are responsible for the overall structure of the day.
A studio performance open to the public is scheduled for 6pm.
Participants can choose to be part of it, to present work from the day.
Together with participants, Anja Weber and Jenny Haack will decide upon the order and structure of the performance.
We kindly ask artists working in both fields (dance and music) to apply for only one of the disciplines (musician or dancer). Thank you.

The focus of the research on this day explicitly looks at sound and movement.
Performing or working with words and spoken text is not foreseen.

Concept: Jenny Haack in cooperation with Anja Weber
Please email CVs and proposals to: mail@berlinartsunited.com
for professional musicians and dancers

As we have to cover studio costs: Participation Fee: EUR 15 
(depending the size of group EUR 10 might work out in the end)
Each participant will receive one free ticket for an evening performance of his/her choice during the Improvisation XChange Berlin festival July 15-24

The Melt – Lab is part of the Improvisation XChange Berlin programme 2016

Info / Festival: http://www.berlinartsunited.com/programm-improvisation-xchange-2016/



Unsere gemEINSame Arbeit mit geflüchteten Kindern und Frauen seit Dezember 2015 findet vor den Sommerferien einen vorläufigen Höhepunkt.

Am 08.07.2016 werden wir im Heim den Sommer zusammen feiern!

Ab 15:00 Uhr laden wir deshalb zu unserem Sommerfest ein. Wir werden zusammen grillen, kochen und insbesondere essen, singen und tanzen.


 Im Programm sind:

-          Unsere Tanzgruppe mit Kindern

-          Karaoke aus der ganzen Welt mit Philip

-          Bastelstation

-          Schminkstation

-          ein spannendes Performance von 3 Bewohnerinnen mit Gitarren

-          Jochen und seine zaubere Spielzeuge

-          Lars und viel Sport


Eine herzliche Einladung an alle, diesen Freitag Nachmittag "gemEINSam" mit uns zu feiern und zu tanzen. Essen-Mitbringsel sind herzlich willkommen.      

Das Sommerfest findet im Garten der Bornitzstraße 102 in Lichtenberg von 15-18 Uhr statt.

Wir freuen uns schon auf euren Besuch und bis Freitag!


Herzlichen Dank an den Dachverband Tanz Deutschland für die gemEINSame Unterstützung dieses Projekts!!!






thinking together

Workshops bei der Märzmusik im Haus der Berliner Festspiele:


Am 17. und 18.3.16 finden 2 Tage Workshops von 10-18 Uhr zum Thema


time practice in the arts


unserer Arbeitsgruppe mit Daniel Belasco Rogers, Christian Grüny, Anna Huber, Juliane Laitzsch, Hubert Machnik, Sophia New, Marc Wittmann und mir (Anja Weber) im Haus der Berliner Festspiele statt.

Man kann sich für die kostenlose Teilnahme an den einzelnen Workshops anmelden. Es gibt eine limitierte Platzzahl für Teilnehmer außerhalb unserer Gruppe.

Weitere Info und Anmeldung:


Home www.aartsanjaweber.de:

Slide and roll into improvisation - LBBS and beyond... 



2016 the following musicians joined our improvisations/real-time compositions at Dock 11, Berlin



Illay (Cello), Maya Consuela Sternel - Theremin/Electronics, Friederike Wendorf (Flute)  und Liz Erber (Violin).


Thank you all dancers, poets and musicians for these wonderful light, subtle, loud and colorful choreographies we made together...







Samstag 19.09.2015


K77 Studio Berlin

Kastanienallee 77, Rückgebäude, 2. Stock


Open Stage
Black, soft and noisy matter
Black noise
Waiting for you
Count to 7 and back
Gliding along soft matter
For years
Lightness in a minor
Intuitive calculations
Of life and death
In a loop
Flicking and pushing rhythms
Subcortical ping-pong delays
Love is purple
Inside one’s heart

Sunday 14th June 2015

Running Code

Studio Belgica (Danscentrum Jette)
Rue Edmond Van Cauwenbergh 55
1080 Brussels
An evening in fragments. A selection of poetry and dance from different artists.
MAN READING   Julyen Hamilton (UK/Spain)

HOME   Ana Victoria Iommi and Boris Cossio (Arg/BE)
THE CATHEDRAL   Billie Hanne (BE)
Black, soft and noisy matter
Black noise
Waiting for you
Count to 7 and back
Gliding along soft matter
For years
Lightness in a minor
Intuitive calculations
Of life and death
In a loop
Flicking and pushing rhythms
Subcortical ping-pong delays
Love is purple
Inside one’s heart

"Die Regel des Spiels lautet:

Mit dem Chaos in sich

einen tanzenden Stern zu gebären."

Friedrich Nietzsche




Tanzvermittlung / Unterricht


Tanztherapie / Körperarbeit

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