NaFTftEoT |
Nightmares & Fairy Tales for the End of Times
Album by Mila Chiral and connected collective Video & Performance Project (2021) 

Teaser NaFTftEoT video project by Paloma Schnitzer (visuals)

ASTEROIDEA'S FINAL RAVE by Verena Sepp (video) - Mila Chiral (music)

LIFE IS AN OCEAN by BeBab (visuals) - Mila Chiral (music)

A LIFE IN 7 MIN by Kalma (visuals) - Mila Chiral (music)

GHOSTS by Scylla Magda (visuals) - Mila Chiral (music)

DOGS by A-li-ce (visuals) - Mila Chiral (music)

DANCING WITH WEREWOLVES AND VAMPIRES by ann_on_loops (visuals) - Mila Chiral (music)

LET'S DIE LAUGHING by cojasch (visuals) - Mila Chiral (music)

ATTRACTED BY THE GHOSTS by Annelie Andre (visuals / dance) - Mila Chiral (music)

MYTHS OF MACHINES by onetwothreesun (visuals) - Mila Chiral (music)

Cover Album NaFTftEoT by Mila Chiral (2021) - cover design: Yagner Anderson
coverdesign: Yagner Anderson

album and video project 



NaFTftEoT | Nightmares & Fairy Tales for the End of Times




self-release 04-06-2021




Nightmares & Fairy Tales For The End Of Times

Beginning with an ending... 

The album NIGHTMARES & FAIRY TALES FOR THE END OF TIMES follows  a journey through inner and outer spaces in a post-apocalyptic world.

/ Resisting prescriptive story-telling MILA CHIRAL invites all listeners to envision innumerable tales by following the undertones comprised of past and future. Pure energy leads to prospective actions and  an unwillingness to be understood by the sophisticated mind.

/ Accidental encounters and archetypical narratives are caught in the moment and questioned immediately through utopian and dystopian reflections. 

/Existential depths in the unforeseeable back and forth backwaters attempt to catch, with traumatic intensity, a way to cope - a way to belong, again, where ever it might be possible. 

/ Non-linear pathways, loops through circuitous patterns in pursuit of unknown territory between life and death exploring history and drafted future possibilities. 

/ Ending with an open question, which might be another beginning. 

/ The underlying oscillations through times are only visible from far away.


The album is connected to a video project with 14 videos by the following digital visual & dance / performance artists, which will be presented following the release:

onetwothreesun, Aiko Okamoto, A-li-ce, Annelie Andre, ann_on_loops, BeBab, cojasch, Eugenia Seriakov, Yagner Anderson, Kalma, Paloma Schnitzer, Scylla Magda, Verena Sepp                      


in collaboration with the *feminist Video Art and VJ collective


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Fotos video project (in progress) by
A-li-ce, Scylla Magda, ann_on_loops, onetwothreesun, Annelie Andre, Paloma Schnitzer, cojasch, Kalma



NaFTftEoT | Nightmares & Fairy Tales for the End of Times - Album by Mila Chiral
cover design: Yagner Anderson