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digital album released by Elestial Sound


"Hard not to imagine Berlin while listening to 'Where Time Meets Space'."


"(... ) this interior dance record is the perfect accompaniment to and soundtrack for life in any modern metropolis, a headphone masterpiece for contemplating past, present, and future as you walk avenues where time collapses upon itself in your imagination."


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We are a group of music producers from Berlin. Every other week we publish our minutes collection - a collection of one minute tracks, each produced in an hour or less and following a collective guideline.

Anna Leopolder / Baly Nguyen / Donna Maya / Ena Lind / Laura / Mila Chiral / Plümmok / Plümmon / Thordis

Wir sind eine Gruppe von Musikproduzentinnen aus Berlin. Alle paar Wochen veröffentlichen wir unsere minutes collection - eine Sammlung einminütiger Tracks, jeweils in höchstens einer Stunde produziert und einer gemeinsamen Vorgabe folgend. 


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