15 time practice in the arts bei der Märzmusik der Berliner Festspiele 2016

Thinking Together – Workshop

DO 17.03.2016, 10:00–18:00
10:00 Anja Weber (Dance)
11:00 Dan Belasco Rogers (Performance)
13:00 Marc Wittmann (Neuroscience)
14:00 Sophia New (Performance)
16:00 3.600 Moments of Temporal Discourse and Practice

FR 18.03.2016, 10:00–18:00
10:00 Juliane Laitzsch (Drawing)
11:00 Anna Huber (Dance)
13:00 Hubert Machnik (Music)
14:00 Christian Grüny (Philosophy)
16:00 3.600 Moments of Temporal Discourse and Practice

All practice is temporal. Only rarely does this temporality become explicit, however, as it does in the arts. Paying particular attention to the temporal dimension of different arts shows us different ways of dealing with time, of unfolding in time and of articulating time – even in the space-based arts. Furthermore, different temporal practices have to be distinguished within the arts, e.g. the time of practice, conception, rehearsal, and performance in dance and of the act of drawing, the finished picture, and its reception in the visual arts. Even where time is at the heart of what is being done, only a small part of these practices becomes explicit.

The workshop will trace the temporal practices of different artists in their particular fields, making explicit some of the tacit knowledge that goes into them. Focusing on rhythm and embodied experience, they will try to make the specific time practices accessible to experience, reflection and discussion. In order to do this, they will have to rely on participation as well as observation and communication. While the first two sessions of each day are devoted to specific arts, the last ones will take the shape of an open discussion that attempts to bring together the different practices and articulate their differences.

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